Real Estate Consulting

While we think it’s almost always a good idea to have a qualified agent on your side, the general issue is that most all the available help in the community is from real estate agents, brokers, and others whose fee is based on a transaction occurring. We think that this can create a conflict of interest in spite of the best intentions of those involved. Most residential agents charge 5% to 6% of the selling price, and most commercial agents charge 2.5 to 5%. We are not competing with them or their fee structure and actually prefer to work with a good agent, but just pointing out that they get paid when something happens, and sometimes it could turn out to be best to not make the purchase or sale without an independent opinion.

There are many issues in the real estate arena that don’t involve a purchase or a sale, and we can help with some of them too. All of these answers depend on the price, the expected cash flow, and other specialized knowledge such as costs to fix up a property or develop it. This also depends on the market knowledge and input of any real estate or other professional you have retained. We’re here to deal with the numbers and provide an independent point of view.


What we can help with:

  • Should you rent or buy an office/commercial building?
  • Is it better to build or buy an existing building?
  • Is a specific rental house, apartment or commercial building a decent purchase given the cost of the investment and expected cash flow? Or on the other side, should you consider selling and move on?  Don’t forget the age and condition, the long term prognosis is that all buildings will turn into sawdust or rubble at some date.
  • Does it make sense to convert a house you’re moving out of to a rental?
  • Does it make sense to short plat and/or develop land, or should I sell outright to a builder? Are there any options for both tax and financial purposes?
  • Tax issues to consider, especially if the property is in Oregon or another state with income tax.
  • What is the best tax structure to hold the real estate in?
  • Foreign investors who wish to acquire US real estate.’


What we can’t help you with (due to restricted licensing):

  • Help list and sell a property.
  • Inspect for property or title defects.
  • Draw up legal agreements such as leases (the practice of law).
  • Guess the future price of the property.


We do not accept real estate commissions or referral fees, nor are we licensed to do so. We also avoid other potential conflicts of interest, such as being involved in advising on a property that involves another client without full disclosure in advance.